How to get there

From San Jose take the bus from San Jose (Gran Terminal del Caribe) to Cariari. From Cariari take the bus to Pavona. From Pavona take the boat to Tortuguero.

Things to do


Kayak tours

Guided hikes

Guided night hikes

Self-guided hikes

Canopy tour


Drink Pipa at Luis'

Buy a turtle sculpture from Mauricio

Where I stayed

The Aracari garden hostel. I loved this place.

Tortuguero outside of Turtle season

What can you do in Tortuguero if the baby turtles aren't hatching?

A lot!

Souvenirs with stories.

Meet Mauricio the man with a simple, but unique artisanal craft.

...because now they weren't just souvenirs, but works of art by Mauricio.